The Public Vote

The East Dulwich Community selected the artist

About the vote

Community engagement and involvement has been at the heart of our objectives from the start. We didn’t just want the community to love the finished mural, we wanted you to be actively involved in the process of creating it right from the start. With this in mind, we polled ED residents on Lordship Lane and North Cross Road Market and asked “What does East Dulwich meant to you?”

Your responses then formed an artist brief and an open call for street artists was launched. There was a fantastic response to the call, and three nationally and internationally recognised artists were shortlisted for a public vote.

Almost 1000 of you voted, and Blue Shop Cottage/Alphabetics Anonymous came out as your favourite.

More info on the process and artists can be found below.

About the Mural

In partnership with Southwark Council, Dulwich Outdoor Gallery and The Dulwich Festival, we invited entries from artists to paint a mural at East Dulwich Station – one of the key high profile entry points into East Dulwich.

The mural will be part of a wider project which includes community lead enhancements to North Cross Road Market and an outdoor exhibition of local talent on street banners across the area. The overriding aim is also to identify the area geographically for residents, retailers, local businesses and visitors, whilst strengthening ties between all members of the community, invoking civic pride and helping to drive the local economy.

The project has the backing of Southwark Councillors, Southwark’s Environment and Social Regeneration Department, Network Rail, The Dulwich Festival, Dulwich Outdoor Gallery and local residents and businesses.



Call for notes of interest
We had a fantastic response from both local and internationally recognised artists.

A shortlist of 3 artists have submitted examples of their work for you to review.

How will the artist be selected?
A simple vote by the public and a selected panel of partners.
Follow the link above to select your artist in order of preference.

Will I see the final design before making my selection?
No. The artist you choose should be selected based on examples of their work, and the style you like best. Although we are all volunteers, we don’t like the idea of asking other people to work for free!

How do we know we’ll like it?
The 3 shortlisted artists are spectacularly talented. They all have an impressive body of work.  They all have a connection to East Dulwich. They will work spontaneously within the space, which is VERY exciting. We will all place our trust in the artist to create something beautiful, thought provoking and fitting for the space.

Where will it be painted?
There are currently two approved locations.
A: The pavement wall facing the station entrance
B: The roadside wall facing the station entrance
The roadside wall is the preferred location, however the ability to work safely on this wall depends on an upcoming road closure for works planned by the highways agency, and the availability of the artist during this time.  If this is not possible, we have permission to utilise the pavement facing wall.

Public ownership and engagement is a major element of the High Street Challenge Initiative. We are currently researching a crowdfunding element for the mural with investor rewards for participation. Watch this space.

When will it be completed
In conjunction with permissions from Network Rail, Southwark Council and the Highways Agency, we hope to have the mural complete by late Summer/Autumn 2018.

When does the vote open and close
The vote opens Thurs 14 June and closes Friday 29 June.

Mural Competition History

Following a fantastic response to our open call for interest, three artists have been shortlisted. They each have a unique style, an impressive body of work, and a personal connection to East Dulwich. Before making your selection, please visit each artists page where you’ll find out more about them and the work they create. The vote opens Thurs 14 June and closes Friday 29 June.


The Artists

Blue Shop Cottage


David Shillinglaw

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