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Blue Shop Cottage

Blue Shop Cottage in Camberwell is a new retail and gallery space. April 5-15th this year Jake Tyler and Hana Whaler took over the space to bring their annual signwriting show TACTILE to life. Originally meeting at Falmouth University they strive to spread the word and the craft of sign painting and hand lettering. The show was comprised of an ongoing exhibition of their work, evening workshops and a panel discussion to explore the importance of handpainted work in a digital age. Together with Chris from Toucan Signs we’ve decided to put together this proposal.

Jake, Hana and Chris are part of a collective called Alphabetics Anonymous and have all worked on various large scale projects together and collectively have more than 20 years in the trade. They all live and work locally from their respective studios in South East London.



Inspired by Steve Powers’ community mural projects we are interested in the idea of taking words from the people who live in the area and using their stories to influence our design.

We will produce a small flyer that will be given to local residents at East Dulwich station that we then collect in the evening the station as the commuters come home. The flyer will ask two simple questions:

  1. What brought you to East Dulwich?
  2. What makes East Dulwich feel like ‘home’ to you?

Using these broad questions we will collate phrases and responses and build them into our design in order to summarise East Dulwich in the words of the residents who live there.

The graphics and colour palette of the final design will be inspired by old London Underground graphics, travel posters, and postcards from the golden age of travel, and a layout inspired by ghost signs and traditional hand painted shopfronts and advertisements. – Alphabetics Anonymous.


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Blue Shop Cottage


David Shillinglaw

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